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Global #1 in allergy diagnostics and immunotherapy

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Sales in more than 70 countries worldwide

#1 allergy company in the world

At a glance

Nextmune is a science-driven, global specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to better health for dogs, cats and horses. We have a particular passion for allergy prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Our business is at the forefront of allergy diagnostics and immunotherapy – a unique treatment that reduces or eliminates allergic symptoms by fighting the cause of allergy. The first choice for treating allergies.

Global footprint

We are a trusted partner to veterinarians and pet parents worldwide with sales in more than 70 countries. Our presence incorporates almost 100 dedicated employees, affiliates, production facilities and distributors on a global basis. We have treated over 1 million patients since inception.


We are driven to discover, science is our guiding star. We believe science-based innovation creates opportunities to enhance the lives of our loved ones.

Our greatest asset

Our most valuable asset is our global team, each member of which share our passion for better health. We believe an entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork are fundamental for what we do.