Global footprint

We are fighting a global disease. This requires a global perspective and presence. Our business stretches across 6 continents and more than 70 countries. We are a trusted partner to veterinarians and pet parents worldwide.

A worldwide disease

Today, one out of five visits to a veterinarian is about allergy and skin problems. Millions of dogs, cats and horses in the world suffer from allergies. A substantial portion of these companion animals suffers from itchy, dry and sensitive skin, eczema and hot spots despite symptom-relieving medicine. Our products can benefit these sufferers by providing a safe, natural and long-term solution. Immunotherapy offers the premier choice for treating dogs, cats and horses with allergies.

Presence across the globe

Nextmune has affiliates, production facilities and distributors across the globe. Our success is powered by the commitment of our almost 100 staff to better health for our loved ones. We apply science and our global resources to bring diagnostics and therapeutics to our loved ones for better health.