Allergy treatment

The first choice for treating allergy is immunotherapy. It is an all-natural solution which is safe, effective and for long-term use. After determining what the dog, cat or horse is allergic to through our test, our immunotherapy keeps the condition under control ensuring that that the symptoms are greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Immunotherapy and how it works

Our immunotherapy works by giving repeated doses of an allergen, thereby stimulating an immune response in the body which causes the animal to build up immunological tolerance. It is therefore the only treatment which alters the course of allergic disease while at the same time taking the allergy symptoms below the symptom threshold.

The immunotherapy is custom-made for each patient, based on your pet’s exact allergy triggers, identified through our allergy testing. Based on the results of our test, your veterinarian will prescribe a tailor-made immunotherapy treatment kit specifically made to your pet’s individual allergens. Most patients see improvements within a few months.

Immunotherapy gold standard

We offer the gold standard in immunotherapy with leading brands across the globe including Artuvetrin (Artuvet and Dr. Baddaky), VET-GOID (Alergovet) and SPOT Platinum (Spectrum):

  • Effective
  • Safe
  • Long-term
  • Licensed (Artuvetrin – the only licensed immunotherapy in Europe)
  • Delivery within 10 working days
  • Available in shots and drops
  • Free, world-class support with our veterinary allergy experts