Artuvetrin, VET-GOID and SPOT Platinum therapy

Pets that have symptoms for around 3 months and more of the year can be considered for allergen-specific immunotherapy such as Artuvetrin (Artuvet and Dr. Baddaky), VET-GOID (Alergovet) and SPOT Platinum (Spectrum). The treatment helps to ensure that the condition is kept under control and that the symptoms are greatly reduced or even eliminated.

Key facts about allergy immunotherapy:

  • The first choice for treating allergy
  • All-natural solution
  • Safe, effective and long-term treatment
  • Treats the cause, not the symptoms
  • Rebuilds your pet’s immunity
  • Available in shots and drops
  • Adherence to the immunotherapy schedule and refills are critical for recovery and relief
  • Artuvetrin, VET-GOID and SPOT Platinum are leading immunotherapy brands across the globe